Bit depth - confusion about it

Bit depth or color depth is kind of color image quality. It tells about possible palette of colors or number of colors I should say. Higher bit depth makes image more "colorful/deep" namely it can store more unique colors (rather more information about color) and tones ( so that's why I used quotes writing colorful ) For a grayscale image, the bit depth quantifies how many unique shades are available.

More technically image bitDepth- number of bits used to represent color/value of single arbitrary pixel in an image.

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Spider's web maker

Spider's web maker interface

"Welcome everybody"

Lately I was inspired by great xsi tool called Aging Cobwebs by Fabricio Chamon .... and I thought it could be intresting to write maya- mel version.

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jigsaw puzzle maker

I just want to share with you my latest MEL script. Image shows its purpose ... : ) . Nothing fancy just very fast way to make puzzle pattern with proper UVs and material assignment... .

The idea comes from max version of such script from Håvard Schei and I thought it would be nice example for training MEL scripting.

quick test with puzzle pieces as nCloth

CREATIVE CRASH to download

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