Spider's web maker

Spider's web maker 

"Welcome everybody"

Lately I was inspired by great xsi tool called Aging Cobwebs by Fabricio Chamon .... https://vimeo.com/26723944 and I thought it could be intresting to write maya- mel version.

Also I would like to thank Peter Shipkov for "volume sampling" explanation.

Anyway ...
with that post I want to introduce you with my spider's web maker script and show its options to make it easier to use.

Particle sampling tab is responsible for points/samples placing.

rate - number of points to distribute ( if using with volume method it means points to distribute inside object's BoundingBox )
samplingMethod - how points distribution should be made/performed
seed - distribution/emission seed
seedPerObject - if more than one object is selected every one gets different emission seed in range (0,seed). So if your selection contains for example 5 objects and you want them to have different seed in range of e.g. 0 - 100 . just select seedPerObject and under seed field type 100
If samplingMethod is curve based additional options show up
start - from what length (percentage 0-1) we want curve to sample
end - till what ... (percentage 0-1)
spins - how many samples/points per curve ( if curve.EP or curveCP samplingMethod is chosen it doesn't do anything )

Samples display section controls viewport display properties of points

size - point size
renderAs - display point as ... (point or spheres)
color - color
colorPerObject - similar to seedPerObject ... if you want to change color of all selected particleObjects turn it on . Color is drawed from range(0-componentValue) So if you want different colors on selected particle systems make sure colorPerObj is checked and set color to be e.g. white to get full randomization in rage 0 - 1(white)

Samples connection creates "web" curves based on variables below 

connectionMethod - how selected samples/points are connected
- distanceOptions
skipIf - minimum distance between two points to create connection/strand
threshold - min and max distance threshold to create connection ( if distance between points is in range of those two values, connection could be made )
random - it adds randomness to threshold values ( two(min,max) for randomness added to min threshold and another two (min,max) for randomness in max threshold )
x y z - single component distance threshold
- gravityOptions
vector - direction of gravity
random - adding variance to gravity direction e.g random 1 2 3 will generate vector equal X - rand(-1,1), Y - rand(-2,2), Z - rand(-3,3)
magnitude - multiplier of resultant gravity direction vector
placing - place of gravity point along curve in range 0 - 1.0
random - add noise/randomness to gravity placing (draw float between min and max and add it to placing value - be sure to keep whole placing in range 0-1)

curveDegree - maya help (it could be also used to control kind of  "gravity tightness" )

AdditionalOptions are just a few things for a quicker acces 

mix/reduce ParticleSystems with % of - by that procedure you can connect few particle systems into one with control over count percentage

Some quick images and examples by using spider's web maker.



Maybe I should make kind of using/tutorial video for those who want to use it... will see .
I'm thinking also about some additional features, but  I don't have time ... so again- will see.

CREATIVE CRASH to download

Thanks for stopping by... cheers!!


  1. Hello! This looks like it would be a very good plugin, and it could be very, very popular. But I cannot get it to execute. At least one error on line 60 (is missing the } terminator). And then a LOT of errors. I posted the error file list for you on Creative Crash. I am using Windows 64-bit, and Maya 2012 and Maya 2013.

    1. hmmm.... it should work in 2012
      1. open script editor
      2. file > load script (pick spider's web maker)
      3. command > execute

      Friend of mine tries to execute it inside of 2012 and it worked

      That way or that way I will try to make it work in other versions of maya ...

  2. In Maya 2014. It just appear a small part of the icon.
    i can´t view the full window with all the options.
    Tried to scale but don´t work. sorry my bad english.
    Anyway, the script looks awesome.

    1. I uploaded modified version so download it now ....
      This is the problem...

    2. Thanks for the reply BolekCG,following the link. it works perfectly. Cheers.

  3. I know that I as a very stupid person, but how do I actually create a spider web using this plugin. It does load correctly in Maya 2011, but I have not been able to construct a spider web with it. Could you please post a set of instructions?????? Thank you!

    1. Hi Pam .

      I need to find some free time ( maybe next weekend? ) to make kind of quick video tutorial

    2. Hi again.

      A little bit late ... anyway


  4. Replies
    1. Hi Sundar.
      There is many ways ... just few of them:
      - assign hair system
      - assign paintEffect to curves
      - convert curves to geo (extrude along curve)
      - curves renderer (arnold, renderman)

      Kind regards

  5. Hello. The plugin is great, but for some reason I cannot get surface sampling to work. Would you happen to know why this would be?

  6. Hello Chris.
    Are you using polyMesh or nurbsSurface ?

  7. PolyMesh. However, I was able to get everything working properly after moving up a version of Maya and rerunning the script. Thanks for putting this out there for free.

  8. Glad to hear!
    No problem Chris. Best!


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