Rigging- pretty basic

Lately I thought it would be nice to learn some rigging stuff- clear and organize my thoughts about it. So below I am sharing with you my first production (UN)ready :) smurf rig.
As topic says smurf is realy realy basic, but because of that it could be helpful for beginners in animation learning. Setup is mostly based on FK but also contains hand and leg FK/IK switch.

Thanks to K.JEDRZEJEK for lots of advices in rigging, A.MARCOL for animation test he did.

Also would be worth to mention that i do not own smurf model. It was dowloaded from HERE (http://www.cadnav.com/) I should credit his author also, but there is no such info. Hope it's not a problem for artist who made it. If otherwise let me know and I will remove or credit it.

You can grab rig from DOWNLOAD section